Our service responds to all emergencies, medical, and traumatic. These range from strokes, heart attacks, and seizures, to car accidents, falls, and fires. We also take part in the community participating in parades as well as other community events.  We host classes on site and receive monthly classroom, and hands on training in a wide range of topics including CPR, utilization of the KING Airway, 12-lead EKG application and  interpretation, and equipment familiarization.

 Sugar Creek EMS is on pace to respond to over 700 calls this calendar year, and we are always looking for new qualified volunteers for our service. Without local residents who are willing to donate their time to serve their community, we wouldn't have such a caring and dedicated EMS service in our neighborhood. Visit our volunteer page to learn what it takes to join our service.

  Sugar Creek Ambulance has been a dedicated ambulance service since 1980. Sugar Creek EMS is a Basic Life Support service based in Trenton, Illinois. We cover the city of Trenton, Village of Aviston, and unincorporated Sugar Creek Township; this includes approximately 6,200 residents. The service has 2 ambulances that respond to 911 calls 24 hours a day 365 days a year. We have a growing demand for our services every year and currently respond to over 700 calls per year. Our service currently is comprised of 25 members all of who volunteer. These members are local residents who are your neighbors, friends, and co-workers. Each member goes to school full time or have other full-time day jobs in a wide range of occupations, including, teachers, businessmen, electricians, carpenters, retail workers, and nurses. Each member spends their available time making sure the communities have the best emergency medical service possible.

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